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Full Face Masks & Respirators


Reusable Full Face Masks - Respiratory Protective Equipment

Where there is a risk of contamination to your eyes you should use a full face respirator with visor.

The full face mask not only filters the air, but also prevents dust and other airborne particles from affecting your eyes.

3M is a world leading brand in the supply of Reusable Respiratory Protection: the 3m 6000 series reusable respirator has 2 valves and an exhalation point.

Sundstrom are the Swedish innovators in the full face masks. The Sundstrom SR200 face mask allows you a wide, deep full vision, while allowing you breathe comfortably. (This can also be conencted to an airfed respiratory system).

We also supply emergency escape hoods - the MSA S-Cape Hood allows you full respiratory support as you flee a gas risk. This is a handy S Cape Hood to have in a plant where there's risk of poisoning from smoke, especially carbon monoxide.

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