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Half Face Masks & respirators

Reusable Half Face Masks


Half Face Mask

(or half mask respirators as they are also called) are designed for repeated use.

The filters are disposable, whereas the mask is designed for ongoing use. The fit is generally better and more airtight than disposable face masks.

We stock the leading brands: 3M, Honeywell, Moldex and Sundstrom. We despatch from our own stock the same working day, for quickest delivery to you.

The 3M 4277 reusable half mask is a maintenance-Free gas/vapour and particulate half mask respirator. NB No maintenance records are required if it is disposed of within 1 month of first use.

The 3M 6000 half mask is a standard reusable half face mask, with a bayonet filter fixing system for the twin filters. The benefit of twin filters is the even distribution of weight and less obstruction to you view.

The 3M 7500 is a reusable silicone half mask respirator. The benefit of the soft silicone is that the silicone is more flexible and forms a better seal withyour skin, without pressure points on your face/head. So you are more comfortable, when you wear it.

The Sundstrom SR100 is arguably the neatest, most discrete reusable half face mask we stock.

These are certified to EN 140.

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